The chemical cleaning products you use in your home leave behind residue that can come into contact with your skin, not to mention the food you prepare, the clothes you wear, and even your children. It will cause irritation and allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, cancers. Ira Excellent Maid was born out of the desire to be a viable alternative to protect your family from exposure to many of the toxins commonly found at home and harmful chemical based cleaning products. Naturally fermented from plant, Ira Excellent Maid is a set of bio-enzyme cleaning products with the highest over 90% concentration of enzyme ever produced. Not only is it safe for the health of your family, Ira Excellent Maid will not harm the environment. You do not drain chemicals into land, sewers, lakes, rivers. That contributes to the improvement of air and water quality and protecting animals and plants. We believe that the small changes in your everyday life can create a meaningful impact.