Franchise FAQ

Why should I consider cloudvita as my house cleaning franchise?

We have had more than 5 years of proven results in building successful franchisees, in which 95% stay with us. Those that sell do so for a variety of reasons such as relocating, retiring, or a change of circumstance. Our franchisees are able to run a home-based business that suits their lifestyle. It’s the best way to own a small business, without the headaches. Our success depends on our franchisees success, so we pay attention to their needs and help them understand and appreciate the home service industry.

What term is your Franchisee Agreement?

The initial term runs for 5 years, and once the agreement is renewed the period becomes unending. We believe 5 years gives you sufficient time to know where your business is going and allows you time to build your business, without the stress of the agreement ending prematurely.

How do I know the franchise will work?

You have the support of our established business marketing, practices and procedures, which we know will work well. Our strength comes from very strong communication between franchisee and franchisor. Between us and our franchisees, there are no secrets.

What about training?

We place a lot of emphasis on our training process, in fact, we pay you for the first 2 weeks. That allows you to concentrate on the skill level of your business straight away. After the initial period of training, future learning is ongoing, allowing you to increase your skill level.

Is a house cleaning franchise a worthwhile industry?

Absolutely, don’t let anyone suggest that "cleaning is just cleaning". That is far from it. It is a very large industry with many facets. In addition, you will learn valuable business skills.

How many hours do I need to work per week?

The choice is yours, however when you desire to build a business your passion will drive you. First of all, we work daytime hours, Monday to Friday, giving you a normal work-life balance. The dollars you earn is up to you and your target. We will introduce to you our concept and show you how to increase your future earnings.

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Franchise FAQ


At cloudvita, we take pride in being the home cleaning company you can rely on. Our mission is to make sure that your home is not just clean, but healthy clean.
1, What's Included in a House Cleaning?
Ans:  Here is what you can generally expect from a house cleaning booked through Handy. visit our website to share your specific cleaning details and instructions with your pro!

2.How can I be sure of my security?

Ans:  All of our domestic house cleaners are Franchisees / Licensees and are fully police-checked, insured and trained to a high standard.

We also ensure where possible that you get the same cleaner every time and we code your keys so no-one except your cleaner knows the address they belong to.

3.Do I need to sign a contract?

Ans:  No! We believe in the old fashion idea of a handshake is your word.

4.What cleaning products will you use?

Ans:  We primarily use plant-based (Eucalyptus) products, that are suitable for most cleaning jobs and are non-toxic for your family and our cleaners.

5.Do you do washing, dishes, ironing, make beds etc?

Ans:  No, sorry. Those items fall into the housekeeping category. Our sole work is professional home cleaning.

6.What services do you provide?

Ans:  Our goal is to ensure your whole house can be maintained through our cleaning. As such, we provide the following services:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Once off cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning (wet or dry)
  • Exterior house cleaning.

7.What if a cleaning job is not up to standard?

Ans:  We guarantee our workmanship. However, should you have a problem with your clean, we will fix it, free of charge.

8.Can I depend on the same cleaners?

Ans:  Yes, as our franchisees are all business owners you enjoy the same cleaner each and every clean. Their all well trained, police checked and insured.

9.Are your house cleaners trained?

Ans: Yes and to the highest standard. At cloudvita we always expect professionalism, honesty and quality of our franchisees and licensees.